13 June 2018

My Weekly Cleaning Routine

I grew up in a house with a Mother who is for lack of a better word a clean freak so you would think that some of that would have rubbed off on me but unfortunately not, I hate cleaning and I really struggle to motivate myself to keep our house clean and tidy all the time.

We have a four bedroom house with three bathrooms and a w.c. so that's four toilets to clean and being completely honest just the thought of cleaning our whole house in one day seems like such a mammoth task that I just feel like it can't be done so why bother trying.

Obviously living in a pig sty is not an option either though so I needed to come up with a plan that would make keeping the whole house clean all week but made it seem realistically achievable for me and that's when I decided it would be easier for me to break things down into small jobs to do everyday and all of a sudden it didn't seem so daunting anymore.

I now spend less than 30 mins a day (some days it's only 15 mins) cleaning and although my whole house doesn't look immaculate all the time it's clean and tidy most of the time which is good enough for me. 

Here's how I break my cleaning jobs down throughout the week

Monday | Dust - I dust the whole house, upstairs and downstairs using a microfiber cloth, this may seem like a big job but if you're doing it every week it's a job you can get done really quickly, it takes me 15 minutes.

Tuesday | Vacuum - I vacuum all the floors throughout the house and again when done regularly this is a job you can get done really quickly and then you're done with your cleaning for the day.

Wednesday | Bathrooms - My least favourite job of the week but it has to get done and this job probably takes me the longest which is why I choose to do it on a Wednesday as it's generally the day I'm the least busy with other things.

Thursday | Clean Floors - Our entire ground floor is laminate so it needs properly cleaning every week, I use one of those floor sweepers that you can attach large floor wipes to as I don't want to wet the laminate floor too much.

Friday | Wash Bedding & Towels - I change all the beds and put clean towels in all the bathrooms.

Saturday | Ironing - I iron all the clothes that we will need for the following week like school uniforms, my husbands work shirts and any other clothes we might need.

Sunday | Day Off! - This is a chill out day so I try and just relax on a Sunday unless there's a job that really needs doing.

So that's my weekly cleaning routine, obviously there are jobs that aren't on the list like cleaning the kitchen and this is because the kitchen is an area that I clean daily as it get's messed up several times a day, so I clean the worktops, oven top and kitchen sink at least once a day (mostly more).

If you're struggling to keep on top of cleaning I hope this post helps, leave me a comment if you give this routine a try and how it works for you and also I'd love to hear what your weekly cleaning routine is or any tips you have for me.

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