12 October 2017

Embracing The House Plant Trend

House plants have made a massive comeback recently, my Instagram feed is full of beautiful pictures of stunning interiors and they all have one thing in common, they feature some form of plant and I mean actual living plants that you have to take care of, none of this artificial easy to look after stuff.

We recently decorated our bedroom and when I was looking for decor items I thought maybe I'll get a small plant and see how it looks with the white, blush pink and copper, one plant led to more and before I knew it I was obsessed so I thought I'd write a post showing you the plants we have so far and where I got them from just incase you were considering introducing some plants into your house. 

I decided on an aloe vera plant first as they're relatively easy to look after and I also like the fact that they can aid sleep by providing more oxygen in the room. This particular one was from Ikea and cost £2.50, I think it looks absolutely stunning in this copper planter which comes in 3 different sizes from Stupidegg.co.uk, who also sell plants as you'll see in a minute (check out their Instagram bio for a 10% off discount code). The little succulent next to it is also from Ikea and was a bargain at just £3.

On a recent shopping trip to HomeSense I picked up this adorable cactus shaped planter so of course I just had to get a cactus to put in it. I picked one up from yep you guessed it Ikea and it was only £4, cacti are super easy to look after, they pretty much look after themselves so if you're nervous about real plants start off with a cactus.

A plant that I've been seeing all over Instagram is the Ceropegia Woodii or String of Hearts, it's a super pretty trailing plant which has delicate heart shaped leaves and requires little maintenance. I found this plant a little hard to get hold of, I couldn't find any in my local garden centers so I decided to look online. 

My search led me to the Stupidegg.co.uk where I found the plant I was looking for along with many others and also lots of gorgeous planters including the copper one I mentioned earlier, now I'm not going to lie I was a bit dubious about buying a plant online because I imagined it would get destroyed in transit but I didn't need to worry because it arrived in perfect conditioned as it was very well packaged and it came really quickly so I was super impressed.

To add a pop of pink to our room I added in this super cute mini orchid from Morrisons, these are a little more temperamental but I find that if you can find a spot in your house that they like they're fine. 

The last two plants in our bedroom are the Kalanchoe Madagascar which we have on our bedside table and we liked because of the hints of purple in the leaves which ties in with the slight purple tones in our wallpaper and our huge Yucca plant which are both from good old Ikea.

We had a gap at the end of our draws in the corner of the room and thought a nice tall plant would look great in that space, the Yucca fits there perfectly and is another very low maintenance plant to own, it requires minimal watering and looks great all year round.

We've had most of these plants for a couple of months now and none of them have died so if you're thinking about embracing the house plant trend but are scared you'll just kill the plants don't be, just go for it! 

If you're like me you'll be addicted in no time.


  1. Beautiful, I've just started to buy real plants for my home and they give such a lovely feel to the place. Thank you for sharing the stupidegg site as well - I'm browsing it currently :) Would you happen to know if the Ceropegia Woodii would be suitable for the window ledge in my bathroom?

    1. No problem, they have some lovely stuff on their website, remember to pop over to their Instagram account for a discount code if you're thinking about placing an order. Yes I think the Ceropegia Woodii would be fine on your bathroom window ledge as they like bright light :) Hope that helps xx