28 January 2017

My 2017 Workout Routine

I haven't consistently worked out for around two years, mainly because I've had no real motivation however this changed recently when we booked a holiday to Spain for July this year. All of a sudden I had a holiday to look good for and I finally found my motivation again, yay!!

My diet is pretty good, most of my meals are cooked from scratch and we use the Hairy Dieters cookbooks for our recipes which are all healthy and delicious. I do like my chocolate though so I've had to cut back on that slightly and just generally pay attention to what I'm putting into my body, so diet wise I haven't had to make any massive changes but I knew if I wanted to shift the little bit of extra weight I'm carrying the only answer was exercise.

I'm not an athletic person and I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed exercise so I really have to push myself to get it done, my new routine involves me working out 4-5 times a week at home as I can't afford a gym membership and with very little equipment, just a mat, some hand weights and a kettlebell. A great way to ensure I actually do my workout in the evening is to choose shorter ones that are high impact for example I love to do 20 minute HIIT workouts because 20 minutes is something I can fit in most days but I'm still getting a really good full body workout.

I get all of my workouts from Youtube, The Body Coach, HASfit and Blogilates are amongst my favourite channels and they have new videos uploading all the time so there's always a new workout to do no matter what you feel like doing that day. 

I started my workouts at the beginning of last week and after the first one I was very sore for a few days but I stuck with it and after the pulled muscles had eased I felt great which really motivated me to keep going. Here are the workouts I did last week, if you're interested in starting exercising why not give them a go.

I always try to fit yoga in at least once a week as it really helps sore muscles to give them a good stretch out and yoga is also a great workout in itself. 

I'm going to be posting my progress and workouts on here every week so if that's something you're interested in then keep an eye out for them and I'll be posting about my favourite workout clothes soon.

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