12 May 2016

Inside 4 Privet Drive At The Warner Bros Studio Tour London

I'm a massive Harry Potter fan and have been wanting to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour for a while now but just haven't gotten around to doing it so you can imagine my excitement when I received an email inviting me and my husband to attend an event there to get a sneak peek inside the Dursley's house which belongs to Harry Potter's Uncle and Aunt.

As part of the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of  Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone film release they are opening up number 4 Privet Drive and giving us a chance to look inside the Dursley's living room which has been set up with one of the most iconic scenes from the films where all the letters addressed to Harry come pouring out of the fireplace.

The event was amazing, we had some awesome smoking drinks, delicious food and most importantly we got to try Butter Beer and Butter Beer Ice Cream which was so yummy!

We even had Fiona Shaw (the actress who plays Harry's Aunt Petunia) there to officially open 4 Privet Drive which was very exciting. The Dursley's home will only be open for a limited amount of time so if you want to see for yourself what's in there then don't waste anytime booking your visit.

Also as part of the anniversary celebrations the Dursley's costumes will be out on display and they will be showcasing the equipment used to shoot the letters through the letterbox, we got a sneak peek and it was awesome.

As well as attending the event we also got to experience the whole studio tour which was absolutely amazing, if you're a Harry Potter fan this is a must. Seeing all of the sets, costumes and props was so exciting, I loved every minute of it and can't wait to come again with our children who are also massive Harry Potter fans.

The whole experience was wonderful from the Great Hall to Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express and lastly the breathtaking scale model of Hogwarts itself which is absolutely stunning. We left the event (after having spent what felt like 3 hours in the gift shop wanting to spend our life savings on merchandise) feeling super excited to go home and watch all the Harry Potter films again for the millionth time and plan our next trip with the kids.

The anniversary celebrations are taking place between the 27th May and the 6th June and you can book your tickets now via the website www.wbstudiotour.co.uk.