4 January 2016

Welcome To Summerfield Cottage & Us


Welcome to my new blog, some of you may know me from my Mummy blog Handbags To Change Bags or my beauty blog Beauty by Emma but if you don't and you want to know more about me then check out my About Me page. 

The reason I've started a completely new blog is that I wanted to have a lifestyle blog which can encompass all aspects of my life in one place rather than having several different blogs on different subjects, this means I will be slowly phasing out my other two blogs over the next few months.

Since moving to our new home Summerfield Cottage a few months ago I've become much more interested in interior design and hope to blog about it regularly here, there will still be some mummy posts as that is my main role in life at the moment and there will also be a few fashion, beauty, food and diet/fitness posts thrown in there occasionally. 

If you like interior design then make sure you follow me on Instagram as I'm always posting photos of our home on there and you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Over the next few days I'll be transferring over some of my most popular posts from my other blogs to this one so look out for those and here's to an exciting 2016.

Happy reading!

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